Support MP’s Challenge to redefine 400-year old definition of “human being” in Canada’s Criminal Code

Dear Friends,

You may have heard the recent news that a courageous MP is challenging the official definition of “human being” in the Canadian Criminal Code. Conservative Member of Parliament Stephen Woodworth (Kitchener Centre) filed Motion #312 (see attachment) on February 6, 2012 in the House of Commons, with a request to form a Parliamentary Committee to review this definition, which is FOUR HUNDRED years old. The definition, which connects a child’s humanity with their actual birth, serves as a means of evasion of the reality of the preborn child’s human nature, without breaking the letter of the law, to withhold the right to life from human beings who have not yet been born.

Mr. Woodworth is asking that the special committee study this antiquated definition and report on its relevance, with the advancement of 400 years in medical science, to today’s society, and the options for reconciling the definition with the empirical knowledge of our time. If the motion is accepted, it is possible that the Criminal Code may have to be updated in the face of irrefutable evidence. As of now, as Mr. Woodworth states, “Section 223 (1) of the Code defines a human being as a child who has completely proceeded in a living state from the mother’s body, whether or not the child has breathed. This means that in Canada, a child is legally considered to be sub-human while his or her little toe remains in the birth canal, even if he or she is breathing.”

Friends, we must act on this opportunity to increase recognition of the humanity of our unborn.  It is time to end the great denial and avoidance game based on a technical loophole in the wording of the Criminal Code, which legally facilitates the termination of nearly 100,000 boys and girls’ lives annually in Canada before they ever get to be held in the arms of their mothers, who would never agree that the child moving and growing inside them is some kind of being other than human.

We most urgently encourage all our friends and members to support Mr. Woodworth’s vital initiative, and write to your Members of Parliament, telling them of the completely untenable current definition of “human being” in the Criminal Code, asking them to leave it in the dust bin of history where it should have been placed centuries ago. We are including as attachments to this email, petitions and letters which you may use, or you may write your own. Including prenatal pictures and facts cited from authoritative sources, such as gestational milestones like heartbeat, brain wave activity, pain sensation, breathing, and so on, is highly recommended. We must end the ducking and dodging of scientific truth, based on an archaic loophole, which results in the ending of far, far more human lives every year than any other possible cause of human death.

Sincerely for Life,

Paul Klotz
Executive Director
Toronto Right to Life

LifeCanada now has a Petition to support MP Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312 to form a committee in order to study Section 223 of the Criminal Code that defines human life.  Please sign the petition at  You can also paste it to your Facebook page and forward this e-mail to your contact list.

The attached letters are for your Member of Federal Parliament, courtesy of Alliance For Life Ontario:
Each letter is in Word and so should you choose to add or amend it please feel free.
 i) Please send this letter starting with the oldest baby first and gradually get to the tiny one.
 ii) You are asked to sign, add your contact details and send one letter each week or every two days whatever you want to do but they are a set so you must send  all 10 whether you send one a week or one everyday or one every two days. Once you have sent all 10 you start over until we get this debate going regarding children in the womb.
iii) Distribute this to every one you know who will join this campaign. So remember, the biggest baby first and then smaller and smaller. The number on the letter is the gestational age of the child  so you will start with;
2) Week 20 
3) Week 18 
4) Week 14 
5) Week 12 
7) Week 8
8) Week 6
9) Week 4
10) 2-7 Days. When you have sent all 10 make some changes to the letter if you wish and start all over again. Once your MP is in the House and Parliament is sitting it will not cost you anything. So go get those envelopes and start printing this letter off – if you would prefer to write the letter by hand please do so. This is a simple tactic to educate your MP on the development of the child in the womb and hopefully encourage him or her to support Mr Woodworth’s initiative to open the discussion on why these children have been excluded from the legal definition of human being in Canada.
Your MP
House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6

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