Support the Letters4Life Campaign!

100,000 children die every year because of abortion.

100,000 letters could change that.

Will YOU make a difference?

Letters4Life is a campaign to write 100,000 letters to the Prime Minister opposing abortion. Though Mr. Harper has stated repeatedly that the abortion debate will not be re-opened, we believe it is time for a change. Please help us by following three steps:

Step 1: Write and send a letter! You can write as many times as you like, regardless of your age or where you live. Children are encouraged to draw a picture with a short message, such as “Life” or “Save the babies.” Postage is free! You can find the address, form letters, and more information at

Step 2: Take the survey to let us know how many letters are being sent. That way, we can keep track of how close we’re getting to the goal. Here is the link:

Step 3: Forward and spread the word! Let’s unite to show that CANADIANS ARE PRO-LIFE!

The goal is to write 100,000 letters by May 10th, the day of the Ottawa March for Life.

So yeah, maybe we’re crazy.  But we’re determined. We’re strong. We’re passionate.

And that’s what’s going to make the difference.


Speaking out against ABORTION by sending 100,000 PROLIFE LETTERS to Prime Minister Stephen Harper by May 10th

LETTERS4LIFE: please visit the website

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