Press Release: Introducing Homeschool PLAN – The Homeschool Pro-life Action Network!

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Toronto, Ontario (November 6, 2013)- An innovative new project for pro-life homeschooling students is here! On November 1st, Sarah Blake, a passionately pro-life, homeschooled student, formally launched “Homeschool PLAN” (the Homeschool Pro-Life Action Network), at the Toronto Right to Life Annual General Meeting.

Homeschool PLAN is a club that will bring together homeschooling pro-life youth from across the country via the web. It will inform, support and motivate students to take action to build a culture of life. Like campus pro-life clubs, Homeschool PLAN is a project for pro-life formation. Also like school clubs, its a venue for bringing like-minded students into contact with each other. It will provide the best information from various pro-life sources as well as a blog, projects, mailing list, and ideas for pro-life activities that can be done specifically by homeschooling students.

The project was founded by Sarah Blake and Alexandra Jezierski, with support from Toronto Right to Life and the National Campus Life Network, through their Student Life Link initiative. Alexandra is known to many for her bold “Letters 4 Life” project, started in 2012. This campaign has resulted in the sending of many thousands of letters from across Canada to the Prime Minister, speaking out against abortion. Sarah has been involved with Toronto Right to Life in various roles, one of which was as student representative for the organization. Both are homeschooled and were active in pro-life support while homeschooling.

Homeschool PLAN is open to homeschooling students anywhere. Although primarily intended for the high school age group, students in higher elementary grades and recent homeschool graduates are welcome to participate. “It’s a way to build an army of homeschool pro-life warriors by connecting them, and giving them an opportunity to educate themselves and even challenge each other, keeping each other motivated,” said Alexandra. Even if you have a homeschool community, (this club) is a way to stop isolation and help homeschooled teenagers feel like they have an impact.”

We invite the whole pro-life community to actively support Homeschool PLAN’s growth and reach. The website address of Homeschool PLAN is



Toronto Right to Life Association 

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