Respect for Life Week

The Human Rights Project is a project for students to take on during their free time to change the hearts and minds of their peers on the abortion issue from a science and a human rights perspective.

How the Project Works

Who: As many people as you can! Make sure that everyone has been trained with a Toronto Right to Life Education Team member to be adequately prepared for effectively changing hearts and minds.

When & Where: Generally during lunch periods in a cafeteria, atrium, or hallway, but if there are other free times during the day during which you can have conversations around the table, take advantage of the opportunity!

What: The key to running a fantastic Human Rights Project is to be confident and use effective dialogue skills [covered in the TRTL Education Team training] in sharing the pro-life message with your fellow students and teachers using science and human rights.

Each participant reaches out to teachers and students passing by handing out a Human Rights Postcard and posing the question:

“What do you think about abortion?”
“Do you believe in human rights?”

This can start a conversation about abortion, and give them the opportunity to make the case for pre-born human rights based on what we know about science, the law, and statistics.

At the end of the conversation, if they wish, students can learn more about the issue and how to take action by signing up for the pro-life club’s contact list.


These are to complement the work that the students are doing to change hearts and minds on the abortion issue.

  • Trifold Display Board (materials to assemble available below)
  • Human Rights Postcard (order through Toronto Right to Life)
  • Pregnancy, parenting, post-abortive resources (available below)
  • Sign Up Sheet (available below)
  • Club Info Card
  • Pen
  • Fetal Models (optional, but available through Toronto Right to Life)

Essential Steps to Success

  1. Contact Toronto Right to Life for help in planning the project.
  2. Gather a team together! (At least one teacher and two enthusiastic pro-life students). If you’re a teacher, make sure to explain the project to them in detail. If you’re a student, find a strong pro-life teacher and ask their support in running this project. You can even ask your chaplaincy to help! Again, make sure to explain the project in detail to them.
  3. Get a table approved by the school administration during Respect for Life Week (May 15th-19th). Make sure to consider the schedules of the participants.
  4. Book a Toronto Right to Life Education Team member to give a dialogue training during or after school (Contact us at Make sure to ask for materials and resources so we can get them to you in time! If you’d like, you can also book a Toronto Right to Life Staff Member to help out on the day of the Human Rights Project!
  5. Buy a display board and meet with your team members to assemble it. Use the templates provided below, and make sure to bring scissors, glue, a pencil and a ruler.
  6. Attend the dialogue training session and take notes.
  7. Prepare materials for the table before the date and have them ready for the morning in one place.
  8. OPTIONAL: If you have extra time, plan to run morning announcements about the project and put up posters in your school to raise awareness beforehand. [Templates are below]

Now you’re ready to run the Human Rights Project!

Running the Table

  1. Set up your table.
  2. Stand in front of your table. Reach out to your peers by handing out the human rights outreach card and asking either “What do you think about abortion?” or “Do you believe in human rights?”
  3. If they are willing to have a conversation, discuss with them the abortion issue from science and human rights perspective as taught to you at the training. Remember to be respectful and be kind at all times.
  4. If they want to be involved, invite them to join your team by signing up.
  5. Take photos of your table and your team and share them on social media. Tag Student Life Link; we’d like to share your success on social media to inspire other pro-life students!
  6. Clean-up.

What’s Next?

  1. Thank all team members for their effort and time.
  2. Send a follow-up email to students who signed up. Invite them to your next outreach table or an upcoming event.
  3. Let us know how your event went by emailing us at We’d love to hear how your event went!

Plan your next outreach table and contact Toronto Right to Life for help. We know you can do it again!