Our Mission and Vision

Student Life Link does just what its name suggests:  connecting high school students who are working to make a difference for life in our country.

Our mission is to support and encourage the Pro-Life Movement among high schools students.  The formation and development of high school pro-life clubs is key to effective education on campus, saving lives from abortion, and forming new leaders to build a Culture of Life.
Why is it critical to have the pro-life club on high school campuses?  Why are student clubs important and effective?  More information on this here.

Our vision is to facilitate the creation, development and successful running of high school clubs across our country.  We want to complement the work already being done by teachers, students, school boards, and Right to Life organization.  We hope that by connecting these groups and providing additional resources,  we will strengthen their efforts.

Our hope is that young men and women, through their involvement with a high school pro-life club, will choose, support and fight for life.  Our hope is that, post-graduation, these young men and women will continue in their efforts for life, building up a Culture of Life in Canada.

How this all began…

Student Life Link is an initiative that brings together the experience of Toronto Right to Life in working with Toronto high schools as well as the knowledge and expertise of National Campus Life Network, an organization that works with university pro-life  clubs across Canada.

The project began after an earlier collaboration between Toronto Right to Life and National Campus Life Network (NCLN) on a Student Club Manual (link).  This consisted of adapting for high school students a manual NCLN had previously produced for university clubs.